SPLUT is an abstract strategy board game by game designer Tommy De Coninck and released on this website to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to play it. SPLUT provides the gamers a whole package of fun, and is a real challenge for experienced players of abstract strategy games.

  • Easy to learn.
  • A world of fantasy, where Wizards command Trolls.
  • High replayability.
  • Abstract and tactical.
  • Free!

Abstract Strategy

To quote J. Mark Thompson from his article, "Defining the Abstract":

"There is an intimate relationship between such games and puzzles: every board position presents the player with the puzzle, What is the best move?, which in theory could be solved by logic alone. A good abstract game can therefore be thought of as a "family" of potentially interesting logic puzzles, and the play consists of each player posing such a puzzle to the other. Good players are the ones who find the most difficult puzzles to present to their opponents."

Try it out. Play SPLUT on your iPad or download the gamerules-PDF and print some playing pieces (or use some of your own liking). Then throw yourself into a mindboggling tactical battle. Which Sorcerer is the last to stand, and leave the arena as a grandmaster?