The rules of play presented at this page are for beginners only. Please find more extensive help in the PDF files.

  • 1. Setup
  • 2. Moving
  • 3. Throwing
  • 4. Pulling
  • 5. Levitating
  • 6. Pushing

1. Setup

The object of the game is to kill the Sorcerers of your opponents by throwing a Rock on their brittle heads. Once a Sorcerer dies, his entire team is removed from the Arena (gameboard).
You will need a SPLUT gameboard. Each player also needs 3 pieces to play with: a Wizard, a Troll and a Dwarf. There are always 4 Rocks located on the board, regardless of the amount of players.

Put the Rocks on the outmost squares (or corners) of the board. The Dwarves start on the square in front of a Rock. The Stonetroll is on the square to the right of the Dwarf and the Sorcerer stands on the square to the left of the Dwarf.

Custom board by Djali

2. Moving

You have three moves per turn.

- All pieces can move one square in a horizontal or vertical direction. Diagonal movement is never allowed.

There are three different playing pieces.

- You only control your own three team members: a Sorcerer, a Dwarf and a Stonetroll.

3. Throwing

When your Stonetroll lands on a square with a Rock, he picks it up and Throws it away in any horizontal or vertical direction, until it hits an Obstacle.
Throwing immediately ends your turn. The thrown Rock flies over empty square until it hits an Obstacle.

Obstacles are:
- The border of the gameboard
- Any Stonetroll
- Another Rock
- Any Sorcerer (Hopefully not yours!)

When you hit a Sorcerer, remove the Sorcerer and his entire team from the board, and put the thrown Rock at the square where the Sorcerer died.

Splut Troll by Daren Bader

4. Pulling

Because of his bulky size a Stonetroll can put his hands on a Rock and pull it to him.
When moving, he can Pull (draw) a Rock from an adjacent square to him.

5. Levitating

A Sorcerer can Levitate Rocks. This is not a mandatory action. When levitating a Rock, move the Rock simultaneously with your moving Sorcerer.

e.g. The Sorcerer moves one square forward. Then also move the chosen Rock one square forward. A Rock that moved (Thrown or Levitated) during the previous player's turn cannot be Levitated during your turn. Obstacles AND Dwarves do block Levitated Rocks. You cannot kill a Sorcerer by Levitating a Rock to him.

6. Pushing

The small muscular body of the Dwarf is to his advantage. As a special action, the Dwarf can Push all pieces in his path when moving. All pieces in a straight line are moved in the same direction as the Dwarf until they hit the border of the gameboard.

Important: Thrown Rocks will pass the Dwarf because of his small size. Levitated Rocks are still blocked because they are floating too low above the ground.

7. Legal

The SPLUT game idea and design are copyrighted. You cannot use any of the ideas or contents of this publication for commercial purposes without written authorization of the designer Tommy De Coninck.