Allied HeroQuest: Descent in the Dark

Do you HQ? To play "Allied HeroQuest", you will need one copy of the boardgame "HeroQuest" from Milton Bradley (Hasbro) and one copy of the boardgame "Advanced HeroQuest" from Games Workshop. "Allied HeroQuest" combines all good things from both games, flavoured with exiting gameplay from the boardgame "Descent: Journeys in the Dark" from Fantasy Flight Games. ("Descent" is not needed to play "Allied HeroQuest".)

The goal of my tribute to "HeroQuest" is to use the no-nonsense gameplay and wonderful miniatures from "HeroQuest" and mix this with the challenging gameboard components from "Advanced HeroQuest". Both so-called dungeoncrawlers mentioned above had one minor flaw: playing the Gamemaster could be a dull task. There were not much options for cunning tactics, and it was hard to kill all heroes. So, with ideas from various computer games and the magnificent boardgame "Descent", "Allied HeroQuest" was born!

Easy game mechanics for combat and exploration, wonderful miniatures, a variable gameboard, and vicious slaying. And all this without printing tokens, new tiles, cards, etc. You do not have to buy new stuff (at least not for die-hard fans who obviously allready have one copy of "HeroQuest" and "Advanced HeroQuest.")

"Allied HeroQuest" offers revised versions of all original Quests, 8 heroes, deadly tactical Gamemaster playing experience, easy to learn combat rules, variable dungeons, ... And all this to be played in a reasonable amount of time. Quests will never take more than 90 minutes. The heroes really must hurry to fullfill their Quest. The longer they straggle, the harder it will be to survive...

Result: The Gamemaster is a player. Spawn points are used for tactical deployment of monsters. Heroes can leave and enter the dungeon after they discover exits. A non fixed board is used. Easy to learn gameplay from Milton Bradley's "HeroQuest" remains. No new items should be bought nor printed. One Quest contains all addictive gameplay like combat, exploring, upgrading, discovering treasure and buying new goodies. Either the Game Master wins, or the heroes do.

In this tribute to "HeroQuest", I made sure not to change much of the original rules. It had to stay "vintage". Download the PDF's and find out yourself.

Allied Heroquest - Index

Rules, guidelines and converted Quests to play Allied HeroQuest.

TitleBookvFileLast Update
Allied Heroquest Rules 1.8 unavailable 2014 12 08: Spawnpoints can be blocked by Heroes and Henchmen!
Might and Magic Quests 1.3 unavailable 2016 04 29: Version 1.3 now includes quest "The Plague of Zombies' from the Adventure Design Kit.
The Ragnar Saga Quests 1.1 unavailable
Return of the Witch Lord Quests 1.2 unavailable
Kellar's Keep Quests 1.1 unavailable
Against the Ogre Horde Quests 1.1 unavailable 2012 08 27: Release.
The Wizards of Morcar Quests 1.2 unavailable 2013 01 21: Corrections.
Talisman Quests 1.0 unavailable

Allied Heroquest - Previews

Work in progress...

BookTitleDescriptionFileLast Update
Quests Sea of Blood Custom Quests unavailable
Quests Redescent Descent unavailable 2011 08 31: Companions.
Quests Eternal Winter D&D unavailable

Allied Heroquest - Under Development

Future plans...

Questbook 20 Forbidden Forest D&D 60%
Questbook 9 The Claymore Saga BattleMasters 58%
Questbook 10 Legends of The White Dwarf White Dwarf 49%
Questbook 17 Warhammer Quest 48%
Questbook 13 The Shattered Amulet Advanced HeroQuest 45%
Questbook 14 Terror in the Dark Advanced HeroQuest 33%
Questbook 8 Mage of the Mirror USA 30%
Questbook 22 The Legacy of Sorasil PC 20%
Questbook 15 Dark World DSA 15%
Questbook 19 Dungeons and Dragons D&D 15%
Questbook 7 The Frozen Horror USA 15%
Questbook 25 Man 'O War based on the scenarios 12%
Questbook 24 Mighty Warriors 10%
Questbook 23 StarQuest Genestealers! 1%
Questbook 26 Catacombs of Terror Warhammer Quest 1%
Questbook 27 Caverns of the Dead Dungeon Planner set by Gary Chalk 1%
Questbook 28 Nightmare in Blackmarsh Dungeon Planner town map 1%
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